Casio G-Shock World Time Sports G-8900A-7D Mens Watch

Utilitarian but stylish and comfortable, it is as much home on a dotcom millionaire's wrist as on the wildlife photographer's traversing the murky waters deep in the jungle.

Digital watches were never considered a contender for high fashion till G-Shock came up with some models worth talking about; the G-8900A-7D is one of them. Casio G-Shocks are, beyond any doubt, watches that are most distinguishable, not just for their looks but also for the plethora of functions they come with.  The choice of every fashionite from almost every age group (13 to 36 and beyond), this archetypal G-Shock is rugged besides being luxurious and lustrous.

The Casio G-Shock World Time Sports G-8900A-7D is more than just unique; it is legendary. In the sense, they are more capable and hardier than any sophisticated Swiss watch and the best part is – one may take it for a trek in the Amazon (not the e-tail site) or in the Sahara. There’s no guarantee if one will survive the hardships, but this G-Shock will!

The watch’s daring yet cute and pro-kind of look helps it to score above all! Utilitarian but stylish and comfortable, it is as much home on a dotcom millionaire’s wrist as on the wildlife photographer’s traversing the murky waters deep in the jungle. The all-white look says it’s something different than the conventional watches, so when trends change, one don’t have to change along with it. Besides, this is one of the rare G-Shocks that one do not find everywhere; get this one if one want to keep something exotic in one's collection or just want a daily beater to help one out with one's day to day errands.

What does the Casio G-Shock World Time Sports G-8900A-7D offer? Shock resistance – but hey, that’s the most common point for a G-Shock, right? So let’s concentrate upon its LED backlight (it’s a Super-Illuminator) with afterglow feature; the backlight also kicks in to action when there’s a need for Flash Alert. There’s a 1/100-second stopwatch with a measuring capacity of 23 hrs, 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds; a countdown timer and 5 independent daily alarms. This is particularly useful for them who are used to multitasking or need to take or administer different medications at different times. The hourly time signal reminds one if one need to repeat anything every hour while the full auto-calendar (to year 2099) frees one from the burden of adjusting date every odd month and in leap years. The world-time function tells time in 48 different cities (with UTC or Universal Co-ordinated time) across the world covering all the time zones and that extra-wide belt-styled strap ensures the entire package stays firmly on one's wrist.

So that’s the secret of the Casio g shock Men’s watch ruling the worlds of pro-level adventure and fashion for more than 3 decades; it is now considered a standard for tough watches globally!

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