Casio G-Shock Polarized Color Models Digital DW-6900PL-4 Men's Watch

The Polarized Color models are an extension of the Crazy Colors models, for the European market.

Unless polarization is explained a bit, you won’t get the juice of this Casio G-Shock Polarized Color Model. It has to do with light and not the poles of a magnet or electric fields.

Light is electromagnetic waves with random orientations under normal conditions. But there exist special grid filters, which can get light waves into specific orientations and stop it from reflecting from horizontal surfaces. Polarization filters with vertical grids stop these reflections up to 99%.
In this case, the LCD uses a polarization filter. When a <90o electric current is applied to liquid crystal, it forms a line pattern (in molecular scale), blocking all light in that direction.

The Polarized Color models are an extension of the Crazy Colors models, for the European market. The name comes from the inner metallic face plate with laser etched fine vertical patterns, which partly extends over the display and brings the typical 3-Eyed look. It’s modern, got a unique style and a technological performance that’s simply electrifying. Besides, it is recognizably tough and durable, which is a common trait for Casio G-Shock Digital range that it’s maintaining for over 25 years and is becoming more durable every passing year for every activity. Casio G Shock Mudman that never gives away at the face of adversity.

Take the Polarized Color model as the basic model for the Spring/Summer G-Shock collection. Equipped with the 3230 module (which goes all the way up to the year 2099), it sports an alarm, a stopwatch and a countdown timer function. Apparently, these appear to be the most basic things a digital watch, but using them shall reveal their greater extent of functions. Besides the daily alarm, it allows setting alarms on specific dates and time (on that date) and also a monthly alarm. The Casio G-Shock Tough Solar can be programmed for 24 hours with repeat options, with 1/100th second accuracy. A nice extra is the Backlight/Flash Function.

The Polarized Series with its very bright colour and electrifying look is however, not for every dude out there. But those who can carry it, for them, it’s a great watch is plenty of fun for the summers. If this one becomes your first G-shock, you’ll find it bit bulky compared to other watches. But, it looks amazing. It is dynamic and its fuchsia purple colour is as bright as the midday Sun. It gives out splashes of vivid differences with the variations in your outfits, resulting in various styles in street art. The metallic face being responsible, it presents a distinct, impressive look that reflects the basic G-SHOCK motif of intrepidity. It is not meant to be worn with dress/formal shirts or jackets with tight sleeves. And if it is your first Casio G-Shock Analog, you are going to find it bit bulky than other watches.

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