Casio Edifice Chronograph EF-500D-7AV Mens Watch

Those who avoid large watches fearing the heft may opt for the Casio Edifice Chronograph EF-500D-7AV without any doubt.

The EF-500D-7AV is a step above from plain Edifice chronographs that were introduced to the market at their initial phases. This time, they featured the date display with the chronograph and in a way that didn’t interfere with – rather enhanced - the overall sporty design. It’s all because of the high contrast white and blue. A peppy combo, that is; it brings an excellent first impression that suits all the more its overall size.

Those who avoid large watches fearing the heft may opt for the Casio Edifice Chronograph EF-500D-7AV without any doubt. Despite the fairly large size, it’s light-weight, to the extent it will amaze you how such high-quality material can result in so less weight? It pleases immediately and then, your view shifts to the thin bezel. This is the secret behind the large look; thin bezels always create an illusion of largeness. It also turns the tachymeter prominent and adds to the viewing pleasure.

The bracelet exhibits a satin finish and is strung together with highly polished links that are way south of appearing glitzy or tacky. It’s the shine resembling that of the heavy slabs of metal, which they are and adds a great deal to the Discount Casio Watches visual appeal, so much, it makes the Edifice EF-500D-7AV an outstanding one among the watches that sit in the same price range.

Ideal for fun times and as a Friday and weekend accessory, but it can also be a daily wear if you are not working inside a too-formal setting. It sits well with Power Dressing concepts and if you are in show-biz or have sports as your profession, then look no further! Hardly you will get another piece that will withstand the pressure and burden each of these professions bring and smile on, later to tell the stories.

The biggest advantage is, nowadays, a Casio Watches Online is not just for the lab or the sports arena but it fits in to almost every part of life, especially, for the time-bound. When you need to check performance of your crew and measure everyone’s prowess against each other, a chronograph can do wonders. Or maybe in the party, where you stand the timekeeper for the beer-guzzling competition and need to find out who downed the fastest! It’s a tool that fits into almost every game, not just the professional competition arena.

The Casio Edifice Chronograph EF-500D-7AV And Casio Watches for Mens brings you a good value for the money. The details and the finish, the durability or the performance – it excels in all. The logo-stamped crown is a heavy piece of metal and so are the pushers; altogether, they bring a sense of elegance in the basics. And these are the areas where the watch outshines the rest!

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