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​​According to the 4th Mastercard’s Index of Financial Literacy, the survey conducted between July to August 2014 has shown that Singapore recorded the largest decline in financial literacy, in comparison to other Asia Pacific neighbours.

As the need arises for the public to be more aware of basic money management, Cashflow Game Club Singapore relaunched its club in December 2015, to lead and pioneer in the frontier of public financial literacy.

The non-profit club was originally founded in 2010 by Mr. Max Tay, with the sole mission of helping more people to understand financial literacy through experiential learning. Leading researchers revealed that when it comes to learning through reading, retention has been estimated to be about 10%. However, with experiential learning combined with having fun while doing it, one can actually increase retention rates as much as 90%.

Cashflow Game Club Singapore’s financial education took basis from the concepts taught by Mr. Robert T. Kiyosaki, bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. The Cashflow Game is a signature board game that resembles Monopoly. It has been intricately engineered by Kiyosaki and his team to impart financial management in a fun, simple and realistic manner. The realism is, in fact, reflected by how close the figures were kept to actual market figures..

​Kiyosaki also recommended people to play The Cashflow Game at least 6 times to grasp the basic concepts for a start. System Manager, Stephen Tan from Indonesia mentioned, “Cashflow Game reflects the true character on how you currently handle your finances.”

One of the main highlights the club is proud of, includes having an expert review at the end of every session. It has been taught that the review matters more than the gameplay and with that in mind, the club ensures that all invited speakers are well-reputed and credible experts. They are specific individuals who have already applied Cashflow Game concepts into their lives and hence, seen massive success as a result.

Cashflow Game sessions are usually held once a month on a Sunday afternoon. Members of public who like to reserve their seats can do so on the club’s MeetUp group “Cashflow Game Singapore”. It is not uncommon that these Cashflow Game Sessions turn out to be full-house events every month. Interested parties are highly recommended to make their reservations early to avoid disappointment.

For further enquiries and connection, you may reach out to the club’s official Facebook Page at

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