CaseShield™ Launched to Provide Retailers With Protection Against Smash-and-Grab Crime

DefenseLite solutions now offer retail businesses protection on the interior and exterior.

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At the Loss Prevention Research Council annual meeting recently held, Impact Security, Inc. launched CaseShield™, a fully customizable and engineered solution to help retailers protect themselves against smash and grab crime.

"With vandals becoming increasingly brazen, retailers need a reliable solution to help them combat shrinkage owing to theft," said Mike Mineer, President of Impact Security. "We developed CaseShield to provide retailers with firm protection against assailants."

CaseShield consists of a polycarbonate retrofit glazing system that can be conformed to nearly any glass display, counter, or case, making it the ideal solution for retailers of high-end merchandise, such as fine jewelry. Its surface is 250x stronger than glass and creates a "shield" that protects the retail case from breach. The frame is supported by a patent-pending security system and aesthetically, CaseShield can be customized to match any metal or decorative wood trim.

"Smash and grab crime is always a forefront concern for retailers," said Jeff Franson, President and CEO of FutureVu Brands, Impact Security's parent company. "With two-hundred-and-fifty times the strength of glass, CaseShield will help prevent retailers from losing thousands of dollars in merchandise, but remain invisible to customers so as not to impact their shopping experience."

At the LPRC Impact 2022 event in Gainesville, Florida, earlier this month—the largest gathering of Loss Prevention experts from the most recognizable retail brands in the world—more than 450 attendees were invited for a live demonstration to see CaseShield in action. Those who participated were given their selection of three different weapons with which to try to break CaseShield. After hundreds of strikes by multiple assailants, CaseShield remained intact.


Impact Security is a manufacturer of specialty security glass and glazing systems, sold under the DefenseLite® and BulletShield™ tradenames, and owned by FutureVu Brands, a platform created to organize existing business-to-business and business-to-customer businesses under a single operating umbrella.

Established in 2016, Impact Security has trained dealers and installation professionals available throughout North America to support business demands for retrofit security glazing solutions, anti-smash and grab capabilities, advanced ballistic protection, and personal protective screens. AIA continuing education, design, and specification resources are available at and on ARCAT.

Source: Impact Security, LLC.

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Established in 2016, Impact Security has trained dealers and installation professionals available throughout North America to support the demand for retrofit security glazing solutions. Visit to request a threat level assessment.

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