CasePacer Announces the Release of CP Vantage — the Latest Reporting and Business Intelligence Tool

CasePacer has announced that it will be rolling out its newest reporting and intelligence tool CP Vantage beginning in the first quarter. CasePacer is a leader in intelligent attorney and legal firm software well-known for creating valuable tools with advanced functionality.

CP Vantage gives firm users the ability to speed up analysis, and it has been specially designed for those with limited coding or programming knowledge. With this new program, users are given the ability to build their own reports directly in CasePacer without the hassle of downloading and formatting in a tedious Excel spreadsheet.

CasePacer also understands that all firms are unique and that customization ability is crucial. With CP Vantage, users will be able to create, edit, and share their own reports and visualizations. Users can also access the reports they need to easily navigate through cases, appointments or other specific records stored in the system. Whether a business owner, office manager, paralegal or case manager, users can efficiently view root cause analysis and intelligences in real-time.

By integrating the functionality of a no-code interface and third-party resources, firms can easily access all their data from their internal records, CRM system, spreadsheets, and financials, in one place, with just the click of a mouse. With CP Vantage, it has never been easier to get an in-depth review of the firm's performance.

CasePacer is committed to transforming and growing its clients' businesses by uniting technology, process, and expertise. Using paralegals, developers, and expertly trained staff, CasePacer has successfully created intelligent legal case management tools to meet the needs of our clients across the country. To learn more, go to

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