Case Study: Flintridge Prep New Bachmann Collaboration Building - a Vision of Collaboration

Enabling Collaboration in a Building Devoted to it.

Flintridge Preparatory School

ClearTech, the leader in delivering collaborative technology solutions for today's active learning and workplace environments, outfitted Flintridge Preparatory School in southern California with a new audiovisual system.

For a landmark facility that enables cross-disciplinary learning, Flintridge Preparatory School in southern California wanted its new Bachmann Collaboration Building to be an object lesson in the use of technology to help unleash student's imagination and ingenuity. To achieve that goal, Flintridge Prep tapped those same qualities in ClearTech.

Recognized as one of the top 25 private preparatory institutions in America, Flintridge Prep has won acclaim for its focus on deep learning; the cross-pollination of ideas, projects and experiments; and creative problem-solving.

Evidence of that commitment: Flintridge Prep's new $14.2 million Bachmann Collaboration Building, a 17,500-square-foot, three-story facility dedicated to science, technology engineering, arts and math (STEAM), global studies, and leadership cultivation. Says Flintridge Prep chief information officer Sylvie Andrews: "We wanted to honor the spirit of collaboration fostered by Peter Bachmann, our head of school of 30 years, [by creating] a building where students can work on projects across a multitude of disciplines."

To enable its classrooms, meeting rooms and workshop/studio spaces to fulfill their mission, Flintridge Prep sought an equally forward-thinking partner - one who combined innovative thinking with a proven history of excellent project management and client service. Based on our track record renovating the AV setup in several other campus buildings, she chose ClearTech.

Three years later - despite a pandemic - this landmark facility was completed, and in 2020 a dream became reality. 

In order to maximize the value we provided to Flintridge Prep, ClearTech weighed our decisions and recommendations against three overarching criteria: practicality, flexibility and affordability. 

Grounded in a deep understanding of Flintridge Prep's vision for the Bachmann Collaboration Building, we worked to bring both capability and simplicity to every space we touched, including classrooms (two of them combinable into larger spaces), meeting rooms, a "Makerspace" workshop, and an art studio.

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Source: ClearTech