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Table of comparison is offering a complimentary subscription period for users who are affected as LexisNexis shuts down its Firm Manager cloud platform and need to find another software immediately. We strongly believe that a law firm’s operation cannot pause due to a vendor’s decision to focus on other products. will provide a free subscription period equivalent to the remainder of the Firm Manager (FM) contract term, verified through review of the FM agreement, capped at one year. During this introductory promotion, clients will not be charged onboarding costs, e.g. data migration, customization, or training. offers 24/7 customer support, thus making this transition process painless and smooth for the user, no matter the amount of data.

​ is the cloud-based legal technology platform that takes advantage of machine learning technologies to improve workflows and interactions. is committed to developing the tools lawyers and legal professionals can rely on to increase efficiency, productivity, and client communication.

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