Case Cash Funding Teams Up With Golden Pear Investments

Case Cash Lawsuit Loan Funding has teamed up with Golden Pear Investments to provide greater accessibility for clients to obtain lawsuit funding on their personal injury loans

Case Cash Funding has recently joined the Golden Pear Funding Group to make it easier for clients to obtain funding on their lawsuit settlements.

The increase in equity will mean faster approval, less need for documentation and a more efficient service center.

Case Cash Funding still offers the same services of lawsuit loans to plaintiffs with a personal injury lawsuit.

There are no credit or employment history checks required and all applications are based on the merits of the case.

There has also been an expansion of the number of States that are eligible for lawsuit loans, as well as the cases that will qualify. Check the web site to find out if your case and state is eligible for a lawsuit loan.

Case Cash Director Greg Elefterakis expects the combining of these two companies to provide a more efficient service to clients and higher rates of approvals.

You can apply online to Case Cash to find out how to begin your application process.

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