Cascade Pool Coatings Brings ecoFinish to Norway

Cascade Pool Coatings Celebrates Being Able to Offer new aquaBRIGHT Technology to Scandinavian Customers for the First Time

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Pool owners across Scandinavia now have access to revolutionary high-performance aquaBRIGHT pool finish through Norway's Cascade Pool Coatings. This quality, low maintenance option has won a legion of happy customers across the rest of the world and is expected to take Northern Europe by storm.

Norway-based pool finishing specialists Cascade Pool Coatings continue to deliver the best in service and award-winning pool coating products to their customers.  In the latest exciting development in this area, the company is now offering eco-friendly, high-performance aquaBRIGHT pool finish technology to the Scandinavian market. Widely praised in North America and throughout Western Europe, Cascade Pool Coatings answered the call for aquaBRIGHT in Scandinavia, worked very hard to bring the material to the region and with their skilled team of technicians are already hard at work installing the pool finish (which is applied using a thermo flame gun) to happy customers in Norway.

“We are excited to announce that this highly-coveted, high-tech solution is now finally available in Scandinavia,” commented Ryan Cooper, Vice President of Sales. “Our team has decades of experience in the coatings industry and has worked with some of the top water parks and hotel chains in the region. It is our pleasure to be able to bring this incredible technology into the market and open up a whole new world of comfort, durability and reduced maintenance for both the commercial and residential pool owners throughout the area.”

According to the company, aquaBRIGHT technology delivers many benefits to pool owners in aesthetics, in cost and in the durability of the end product.  Some highlights include the ability of the customer to choose the pool color they most prefer without it affecting price, something not possible with “old school” finishing options, where some color choices could make price points jump dramatically;  the finished pool surface with aquaBRIGHT technology is both chemically neutral and PH resistant, cutting the time and energy that needs to be spent checking the pool's water chemistry in a very big way; and aquaBRIGHT finished pool surfaces can be acid washed with little effect on surface and color, adding to their convenience. Additionally, aquaBright finishes offer the ability to use the pool immediately. and don’t require expensive water to be trucked in immediately, as most other options do.

Customer feedback for the industry-leading aquaBRIGHT technology has been passionate worldwide.

“We decided to go with the aquaBright finish. We had a gunite finish before which was kind of rough and clearly stained. We have been very happy with this finish! It is beautiful, everyone comments how light it is to the touch. We have been very happy. It is much easier to maintain, cleaning is a breeze, the kids love it and it is the hit of the neighborhood!” - David and Kelly,  United States

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