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Carter Capner Law is a progressive, innovative and strongly motivated law firm serving a diverse clientele throughout Queensland and Australia.

Carter Capner Law is recognised as a leading Queensland law firm that has delivered outstanding legal results for more than 70 years.​ 

Today Peter Carter leads the practice that continues to provide personal service to clients across Queensland and around the world.

Outstanding legal results for 70 years.

Peter Carter is an Accredited Specialist Personal Injury Law (Brisbane Head Office) and is a former member of The Qld Law Society Specialist Accreditation Board and is a former National & State President of the Australian Lawyers Alliance.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury Compensation - 

Business, property & leasing 

Litigation & business disputes

Estate, wills & superannuation

Holiday & travel law


With unique systems and processes maximise transaction speeds – every case or transaction will be progressed quickly and every client has password protected on-line access to track progress and view data & documents 365/24/7.

The Carter Capner Law group has maintained its historical strength by meeting the needs of all kinds of people, from those with disadvantaged backgrounds to those in charge of substantial commercial interests.


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Carter Capner Law is recognised as a leading Queensland law firm that has delivered outstanding legal results for 70 years.

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