Carport & Bioclimatic Pergola Agava - the Perfect Outdoor Couple

Soltec proudly presents a product line from developed by our team of experts - Agava outdoor line.

Carport & pergola Agava

The Agava line from Soltec comprises an aluminum carport and bioclimatic pergola - specially designed to achieve a unified appearance to complement any architectural style. What's more, both structures can be customised to mimic the home style, making it look as if they've always been part of it. This combination of elements for an aesthetical look surrounding your house add tremendous value to the home.

Bioclimatic pergola Agava

The bioclimatic pergola Agava is a modern solution for creating an optimal and personalized outdoor space. Whether it is a terrace, a balcony or a restaurant terrace, the pergola Agava can be adapted to different architectural styles - from the classical to the modern.

Swivel slats offer invaluable comfort in the colder and windier months, protect against the adverse effects of nature and allow light to pass into the room. At the touch of a button, open the swivel slats of the aluminum pergola to welcome the sun's rays on beautiful sunny winter days. When gray and cold days appear, tightly close swivel slats for quick protection from wind, rain or snow and continue to enjoy the outdoor shelter.

Carport Agava

This stable and modern Agava Carport is the ideal solution for protecting the car against unwanted weather conditions. Carport stands out aesthetically thanks to its slender aluminum structure and robust fixed roof with insulated panels - ISO panels. Soltec now offers different configurations so that the customers can choose a freestanding model, attach the carport to the facade or extend it above the front door.

The carport can be ordered in different dimensions and configurations, with a possibility of an adjoining "box", which is excellent for storage space for various needs or hobbies as well as optional additional equipment. This way the balance between technological perfection, comfort and an aesthetic contribution to the home is achieved. There is a possibility to combine two functionalities by adding a box.

Combine Pergola Agava SL 170 with Carport Agava SL 170 - and get the ideal combination of aesthetically and technically perfect elements just at the doorstep.

Source: Soltec, d.o.o.


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