Carl Mitchell Announces His Gofundme Campaign To Fund His Debut CD

Musician/Songwriter Carl Mitchell begins a GoFundMe campaign to finance the release of his planned debut CD "Some Dead Man's Shirt"

Carl Mitchell announces the launch of his GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to finance his long planned debut CD. Mitchell - a native of St. Louisan and musician/songwriter of many years - says that funds are required to make this lifelong goal possible. He describes his music as alternative rock with some elements of classic rock and funk. "My main influences have been singer songwriters like Lennon/McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and others too numerous to mention," says Mitchell. Mitchell's current release is titled "Raptures of the Deep" and is available on Amazon, CDBaby and iTunes. An audio of the song can be heard here: Mitchell says that the 5k that he is trying to raise via GoFundMe will be used to purchase recording equipment, several instruments and to copyright the songs. He also says that he also wants to eventually create several copies of the proposed CD and send those to record companies. The songs for the debut LP have already been written and all that is left is for them to recorded, mastered and distributed. Mitchell hopes that if he reaches his goal of five thousand dollars he will have the project complete within six months. Mitchell says that the planned title for his debut CD - "Some Dead Man's Shirt" - is significant. "I want to use that title because it says something about the difficult financial times I've been going through the last few years," Mitchell explains. "Often, I shop at thrift stores between writing my music. Clothes donated to thrift stores are often from the estates of the deceased so that at any given time I'm probably wearing some dead guy's shirt. It's just a phrase and idea to keep me centered if I ever do become commercially successful." About Carl Mitchell Mitchell plays guitar and bass primarily but also does some keyboard work as well. He started learning the guitar at the age of 14 and has been writing music since then. Carl Mitchell started the campaign on 10/17/2015. His recently release song "Raptures of the Deep" is playing on several college and internet radio stations. It is also available for purchase on Amazon, CDBaby and Sound Cloud. For more information about Mr. Mitchell's GoFundMe campaign or to make a contribution visit: Contact Information: Carl Mitchell, Artist Phone: 314-329-8813 Email: Campaign Link: Twitter: - END -

Musician/Songwriter Carl Mitchell begins a GoFundMe campaign to finance the release of his planned debut CD "Some Dead Man's Shirt"

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