Cargo Spectre Introduces Dimensioner Industry's Best Warranty

5-Year Warranty Includes All System Components and Equipment to Eliminate Downtime

Cargo Spectre Freight Dimensioner

Cargo Spectre, a global leader in the automated freight dimensioner industry, offers a standard five-year warranty covering all dimensioning components and equipment. 

The warranty is the dimensioning industry's first. It covers all hardware maintenance and replacement services for any Cargo Spectre parts causing a slowdown in a shipping or logistics facility. If the sensors in a Cargo Spectre system need replacement over time or the computer hardware starts to go bad, the company will repair or replace it quickly at no charge.

"Uptime is critical to our customers," said Cargo Spectre CEO Jason Joachim. "A business that relies on dimensioning systems can lose a lot of money if the system goes down and takes longer than a day to get back up and running." 

"The benefit of this industry-leading warranty to our customers is that your Cargo Spectre automated dimensioning system will experience little to no downtime for at least the first five years of operation, even if you operate the system 24/7 with a high volume of freight," he added.

Any new features introduced within five years of a Cargo Spectre purchase will also be included throughout the lifetime of the warranty. The warranty is even applied to month-to-month clients.

"Our clients love our warranty because it eliminates downtime, eliminates maintenance costs, improves system reliability, makes budgeting easier, and ensures the product quality that any customer should expect," Mr. Joachim said. "These potential savings can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of our warranty compared to the costs racked up by our competitors over the same period."

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About Cargo Spectre

Cargo Spectre automated dimensioner systems make dimming and weighing an exact science by using A.I. machine learning to accurately process and document thousands of pieces of freight a day with no downtime for maintenance. Our API connects effortlessly to some of the largest shipping and warehousing software providers in the world and enables our customers to operate our dimensioners and manage their data with ease.

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About Cargo Spectre

Cargo Spectre's automated dimensioners measure the weight and volume of freight, including pallets, parcels, and cargo.

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