CareMore Doctors Get in the Ring with New Movie "Grudge Match"

CareMore Medical Group Specializing in Care for Older Adults, Featured in New Movie "Grudge Match"

The doctors of CareMore Medical Group and the soon to-be-released movie "Grudge Match," starring Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone, share a common theme - you're never too old to get in shape and do something special.

That's why the Cerritos-based CareMore Medical Group is one of the official partners of the movie, complete with recognition within the film as well as a promotional vehicle for the 20-year old medical group that specializes in treating the elderly.

CareMore Medical Group, one of the leading medical groups in the nation that pioneered new treatment models for caring for the elderly, was a perfect partner for the movie, says Karen Dixon, a marketing director for the medical group. "When first approached with the idea of CareMore in a movie, I did not see the connection. But when I found out the movie was about two elderly gents getting back in the ring after 30 years to fight one last boxing match, I knew it was a perfect fit," she said.

Dixon said CareMore was one of the first medical groups in the nation to promote and develop exercise programs for the elderly. The evolution of that exercise program today is Nifty after Fifty, the largest network of senior exercise facilities in the nation which is partnered with CareMore in California, Nevada, Arizona and other states.

"Growing old doesn't mean you give up the zest of competition," said Dixon. "This movie is a humorous look at that concept but in reality, we see this magic every day," she said. "Better health and fitness is possible at any age."