CareerEdge Brings Region to the Forefront of Innovation With U.S. Chamber Partnership

CareerEdge Funders Collaborative

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has chosen CareerEdge Funders Collaborative under the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, along with their partners, to pioneer an innovative workforce solution that uses technology to develop open source job descriptions, which will improve employers’ ability to source talent.

As part of the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s year-long Job Data Exchange (JDX) Pilot Project, CareerEdge will work with PGT Innovations and Four Winds Network Services to begin utilizing open data tools and resources to make manufacturing job information clearer and more accessible for education providers, our local workforce and employers.

Participation in this pilot offers access to the latest technology and advances CareerEdge’s near decade of work in connecting employers and partners to create regional workforce solutions. Translating job data to open data will create a universal language for employer signaling, allowing education, training and credentialing partners to create more effective career pathway infrastructure. With improved job descriptions, educators can tailor curriculum, job candidates can more effectively prepare and employers’ needs can be better met, lending to the overall success of the region.

CareerEdge, PGT Innovations and Four Winds Network Services will focus on working with the manufacturing industry for this pilot.

“PGT Innovations is proud to partner on this pilot program for this important national initiative through the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation,” said Debbie LaPinska, PGT Innovations Sr. Vice President of Human Resources. “Our team looks forward to working with local organizations, such as the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and CareerEdge Funders Collaborative, and contributing and collaborating our voice with other marketplace stakeholders and influencers to assist with this resourceful enterprise.”

CareerEdge and its partners constitute one of seven Pilot Partner Teams across the country selected for this pilot and represent the only team in the southeast. Collectively, the seven pilot partner teams are made up of education and training providers, employers, HR professionals and HR technology vendors representing the healthcare, defense, utilities, energy and manufacturing industries.  

More information on JDX is available here.

About CareerEdge Funders Collaborative
CareerEdge is an innovative partnership of business, government, and philanthropic organizations that leverages public and private dollars to provide opportunities for better jobs and wages in Manatee and Sarasota counties. For more information about CareerEdge and its partners, please visit or call 941.556.4029.

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