Career-Oriented Youth Publication, Let's Go Aerospace, Launches

Youth aged 11-17 can now learn more about careers in aerospace, space, and manufacturing through a quarterly publication called Let's Go Aerospace.

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Top Drawer Media, publisher of Northwest Aerospace News, Northwest Aerospace News Live! Vlog, Art Chowder, Aerospace Vendors, and Everyday Northwest, today announces the publication of Let's Go Aerospace.

Let's Go Aerospace is a quarterly career-oriented publication targeted to youth aged 11-17 in junior high or middle school. The first issue premiered in January 2023.

The purpose of the publication is to demonstrate "where passions and professions intersect."

The fundamental tenets of the publication are to: 

  • Inspire: Create the curiosity that will make a difference in an industry that is transforming into a new paradigm. Let's Go Aerospace reaches kids who may never be exposed to the nuances of the aerospace industry and the manufacturing that supports it.
  • Educate: Learn about opportunities to dig into specific industry details in a focused and hands-on approach. Fun and interactive content kids will want to share with friends.
  • Explore: Let's Go Aerospace is designed to introduce youth to the many new, exciting, and innovative aerospace advancements.

Distribution of the publication is through U.S.-based retail outlets, by subscription, and through school districts nationwide. The website for Let's Go Aerospace is The annual print subscription is $34.95. Educational packs are available upon request.

About Top Drawer Media 
Dean Cameron, publisher and owner of Top Drawer Media, has a long career history in the aerospace industry. He is passionate about supporting and promoting regional aerospace manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest. He also has a passion for art, advertising, video production, and elevating careers in aerospace. Cameron would like to see youth exploring careers in aerospace starting as early as middle school. He supports career exploration and technical education, hands-on training, and many regional trade groups. Interviews can be coordinated through Jennifer Ferrero, media contact. He can be reached at 509-995-9958 or

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About Top Drawer Media

Top Drawer Media of Spokane, Washington, publishes content for the aerospace, manufacturing, and space trade industries, such as: Northwest Aerospace News Magazine, a corresponding vlog, Let's Go Aerospace, and Aerospace Vendors. The company also publishes two art industry publications, Art Chowder Magazine and a corresponding TV show on PBS called "Everyday Northwest." The company is a supporter of education and related trade organizations.

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