CARE Takes Home the Gold

CARE Inc. proudly participated in the State Summer Games hosted by Special Olympics Louisiana from May 18 - 20, 2018. The event involved both male and female athletes who competed in Track & Field, Bocce, Powerlifting, and Unified Volleyball. CARE Inc. was proud to sponsor Special Olympics Louisiana as they celebrated their 50th anniversary and support their own athletes who competed in a variety of events.

The CARE, Inc. team included three of their young athletes: Haley R., Logan B., and Shannon C. Haley have participated in Special Olympics Louisiana for several years now competing in Track and Field Events: Long Jump, Shot Put, and the Dash. Her family was there to cheer her on with every step of the way as she participated in her favorite events with the most contagious smile.

For us, it's not about taking home a medal. We take home the gold every time we see our clients with a smile on their face.

James Griffith, Owner

Logan B. is another one of CARE’s clients who has been competing since he was young. Starting at just 8 years old, Logan has taken home both the gold and silver medals in Track & Field events such as T-Ball, Basketball, and Running in years past. This year he stepped away from his favorites and on to something new as he competed in the 400-meter, 200-meter, and the 4-by-100 relay. With his CARE family there to cheer him on the entire way, Logan continues to make us proud each year.

Another one of CARE’s beloved clients, Shannon C., participated in this year’s summer games. Shannon first began competing in bowling and has progressively worked her way toward other areas of the competition. This year, she competed in the 25-Meter Dash and the Softball Throw. At the end of the race, she was met by smiles and high fives from her family and all of her favorite CARE employees.

CARE Attendants are compassionate, helpful, and committed to serving those with special needs. Sponsoring Special Olympics Louisiana is another way the organization is able to touch so many lives. “For us, it’s not about taking home a medal. We take home the gold every time we see our clients with a smile on their face,” says James Griffith. “Providing continuous support to our clients is just one way CARE Inc is making a difference. We can’t wait to watch our young athletes compete again next year.”

CARE Inc. is an exceptional company because of the warm, friendly, loyal and helpful people who work there. The attendants are extremely well-trained and ready to serve the needs of every client with special needs, whether they are disabled, developmentally challenged or elderly. This training translates to better care for clients.

For more information about CARE, Inc., visit the new website at or call 1.800.798.6565.

Source: CARE, Inc.

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