Care Management Technologies (CMT) Announces Integrated Care Expert, Courtney Cantrell, PhD, to Join Team

​Care Management Technologies (CMT), a North Carolina-based leader in population health management through data analytics, is pleased to announce that Courtney Cantrell, PhD, will be joining their team as a Customer Solutions Advisor.  Dr. Cantrell is the current Director of the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Services.

“It is an honor to have Courtney join our team here at CMT,” says Carol Duncan Clayton, PhD, CEO of CMT.  “Her state government experience, industry knowledge, and passion and expertise in integrated care delivery approaches are well matched for our primary customer base – payers and providers who are addressing the challenge and promise of population health care delivery.  We can’t wait to get started!”

"It is an honor to have Courtney join our team here at CMT."

Carol Duncan Clayton, PhD, CEO of CMT

Dr. Cantrell will be lending clinical expertise and her experience in integrated care to CMT’s population health data analytic solutions.  She will assist in providing services and expertise not only to CMT’s customer base in North Carolina but to the more than 500 healthcare payer and provider partners in 9 other states and Canada.

Dr. Cantrell, who will begin her tenure with CMT on July 1, will join an already impressive list of some 20 national and international clinical and medical experts.  Currently, CMT’s clinical team includes and is led by such notables as Dr. Carol Clayton, CEO, Dr. Leigh Steiner, Director of Clinical Affairs and formerly Commissioner of Mental Health for the State of Illinois, Dr. Chris Reist, a leading trauma and veteran’s specialist at the VA Medical Facility in Long Beach, California; and Dr. Jack Gorman, recent author of A Guide to Treatments that Work and soon to be published Denying to the Grave:  Why We Ignore the Facts that Will Save Us.

CMT is a data analytics company with special expertise in behavioral health data analysis.  CMT’s data analytics solutions are web-based, evidence-based serving payers and providers in achieving the Triple Aim – improving the quality and experience of care while lowering costs.

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