CarbonAi Inc. Announces the Launch of Its New Platform for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions and Regulatory Compliance Solutions

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CarbonAi Inc. ("CarbonAi" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the launch of its new technology venture focused on the integration, automation, and acceleration of emission management and emission reduction projects and activities.

By integrating data and knowledge across organizations, automating manual processes, and accelerating decision-making, CarbonAi offers tailored solutions to support transparent emissions management as well as emission reduction project execution and monetization.

"We are very excited about how we can help key stakeholders be successful, and we are proud that we can contribute to the global emissions challenge. We have developed a proprietary platform with the ability to integrate with existing data sources to tackle corporate and regulatory barriers that prevent, delay or inhibit emission tracking, mitigation and removal," says Ryan Arsenault, Founder & CEO, CarbonAi.

Leveraging sources of data from emission detection and measurement technologies including satellite, aerial and drone overflight, point modelling with ground-based Optical Gas Imaging (OGI), and in-situ instrumentation (SCADA, IoT networks), CarbonAi provides unparalleled resolution on emissions to accelerate reduction activities and projects.

Powered by Lukla Inc.'s (Lukla) content management system, workflow management solutions, and data analytics and visualization, and leveraging Drakken Inc.'s (Drakken) global project management expertise, CarbonAi is uniquely positioned to support emission reduction projects and provide regulatory compliance solutions through an integrated approach with experienced partners and a proven history of success. 

About CarbonAi

Headquartered in Calgary Canada, with representative offices in the United Arab Emirates, CarbonAi is engaged in accelerating and automating emissions reductions.

CarbonAi is focused on turning the global challenge of climate change and associated emission reduction obligations into strategic opportunities. The Company supports target partners and sectors with visualizing emissions, understanding complex regulations, implementing effective solutions, and managing ongoing inspections, data requirements, and audits. In addition to our suite of technology solutions, CarbonAI is also actively engaged in large-scale, international emission reduction projects.

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