Carbon Capture & Utilization Pioneer Blue Planet Systems Announces New Strategic Funding to Advance Commercialization of Technology

San Francisco Bay Aggregates

Blue Planet Systems Corporation announced today the completion of new funding and a strategic collaboration with Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: MPC) to advance the commercialization of its technology. Blue Planet’s patented Geomimetic® mineralization approach sequesters and permanently stores CO2 in the built environment in synthetic limestone aggregate employed in its CarbonStar® rated carbon neutral and carbon negative concrete and other building products. Blue Planet believes that its CO2 mineralization process is the most thermodynamically efficient, gigaton scalable, and quick-to-deploy carbon capture utilization and sequestration (CCUS) approach currently available. 

The new funding and strategic collaboration support Blue Planet’s plan to enhance production through process automation and to augment the technology readiness level of Blue Planet’s carbon mineralization facility on the San Francisco Bay that has been operating for the last two years. Blue Planet has also secured additional funding support from current investor Signina Capital AG of Zurich, Switzerland, which provided project debt financing for the current plant. 

Distinct from other carbon capture approaches, Blue Planet’s patented technology and closed-loop processes mimic the low energy chemistry in nature responsible for the formation of limestone, which holds over 95% of all carbon on Earth and is the second most employed natural material, only after water. Blue Planet’s approach is increasingly recognized as a critical alternative to other CCUS approaches that involve capture, purification, compression, transportation and monitoring of CO2 for injection into underground wells.

Brent Constantz, Blue Planet’s Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist, noted, “We are pleased to have the technical and commercial support of Marathon Petroleum at this critical phase of the scale up and commercialization of our low and negative embodied carbon building materials.”

Blue Planet Systems produces coarse and fine limestone aggregate made from sequestered CO2 utilizing a proprietary and highly efficient carbon mineralization process inspired by nature. Its engineered materials are used in CarbonStar® rated carbon neutral and carbon negative concrete and related building products. Blue Planet's mission is to mineralize billions of tons of CO2 and store it permanently in the built environment.

Source: Blue Planet Systems Corporation

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Blue Planet produces coarse and fine aggregate made from sequestered CO2 utilizing the carbon mineralization process.

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