Caracol Television Announces Vicente Fernández Biopic

The greatest living legend in the history of Latin music and the leading company of Colombian television came to an agreement to produce and distribute, worldwide through Netflix, the series based on the story of the people's idol: Vicente Fernández.


Two years' work between Vicente Fernández and Caracol Television's writing team has resulted in a story packed with memorable and significant moments, where the public will learn about the life of the Ranchera music icon.

The process, which kicked off in 2019, never stopped during the pandemic, concentrating efforts in recreating, in hand with Vicente Fernández, a moving, entertaining story full of inspiration for all generations.

In 36 episodes, in emblematic locations in Mexico and the United States, this super series will tell us the story from when "Chente" was a kid in Jalisco, full of needs and wants until he turned into a world icon of Ranchera music.

About Caracol Television

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Source: Caracol Television