Car Wrecking Industry Has Important Role to Play in Protecting the Environment

The car production industry is one of the largest manufacturing sectors worldwide and the waste produced by a growing number of vehicles reaching end-of-life has become a global concern due to its environmental impact. The car wrecking industry has an increasingly important role to play in protecting the environment through sustainable recycling practices.

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In 2010, there were about 40 million end-of-life vehicles globally. Offering cash for cars in Melbourne, Total Auto Recyclers strives to set the benchmark for environmental sustainability in auto recycling processes and practices worldwide. With a world-class facility for processing vehicles, they are dedicated to the responsible recycling of end-of-life vehicles.

According to the current Australian laws, vehicles reach their end-of-life stage when they are deemed to be unusable due to being unsafe, uneconomical or both. Vehicles can naturally progress to this stage after over 10 years of use or ahead of their time if damaged beyond reasonable repair costs, either from accident or neglect.

Cars are notoriously difficult to recycle as they are made up of many different materials. The complexity of multiple-material vehicle designs creates challenges for recycling. Total Auto Recyclers care about the impact car wrecking has on the environment, recycling the vehicle into usable products, ensuring each component of the vehicle is recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. They offer competitive prices for purchase and car removal in Melbourne.

Total Auto Recyclers work to recover waste fluid, reusable parts and other recyclable materials from scrap vehicles. They then go through an in-depth process to ensure all the recycled materials are reusable, minimising landfill. Offering competitive buying and selling prices, Total Auto Recyclers have an extensive range of recycled products and materials including copper, aluminium, electric, motors and steel.

Steel is the biggest component that makes up a car and is the most recycled material in the world. Recycling metal helps to lower energy waste, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves precious natural resources needed to produce new metal products.

The machinery and equipment required to appropriately process the materials are expensive and many smaller businesses may not have the capital to invest. Total Auto Recyclers provide support for others within the cash for cars industry by purchasing end of life cars from other providers to ensure the vehicle is recycled responsibly.

Source: Total Auto Recyclers


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