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There is this one company that has earned them a rightful reputation for providing car parts Alachua County at the best possible price and in the best possible condition.

​Car owners when their automobile goes haywire and requires a replacement part as soon as possible, often find themselves in a distressed situation. Not knowing where to go and whom to turn to help, often leads them taking wrong decisions that not only turns to be harmful for the vehicle but also drills a big hole in the owners pocket. There is thankfully one company that has realized the concern faced by many car owners and have come forward to help them out. The company known as Dixie Salvage is one of the reputed and trust worthy car parts Alachua county. They are also the best address for finding rebuilt transmissions Madison County.

One of the spokesperson of the company comments,’Dixie Salvage enjoys a good reputation among their clients and that has been the scenario for many years now. The company is happy serving clients and being able to meet their varied needs. Dixie Salvage had over nearly three decades of full service auto salvage experience. This ensures clients that they will find the car parts they need right on time. They are members of the Florida Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association (FADRA) and adheres to a strict Code of Ethics that focuses on protection of natural and manufactured resources. They are totally committed to customer satisfaction and community support.’

Being the area’s only full service yard, Dixie Salvage has the reputation to cater to both foreign and domestic models. Dixie Salvage has more than 30 acres of late model vehicles including Ford, Chevy, Buick, Dodge, Chrysler, GMC, as well as the most popular imports like Toyota, Nissan, Honda. Not only old car parts Alachua county, they can also offer new parts at great prices.

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Dixie Salvage is one of the reputed full service yards that offers old and new car parts Alachua County. With nationwide shipping, they also offer extended warranties.


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There is one salvage yard that is the address to look for all kinds of used auto parts Madison County.

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