Car Expert Jack Nerad Shared With Tips on TV Blog Ways to Winterize Your Ride

Products and Services to Make Sure Your Car Runs at Peak Performance in Cold or Bad Weather

Jack Nerad on Winter Car Care

One of the top car care experts and popular media stars in the country helps with surviving the bad and often freezing weather. Jack Nerad has been a co-host on the most-listened-to auto-related radio program in the country. From the crazy snow storms going on in much of the country to torrential rains in other areas, it is important to make sure your ride is operating at peak efficiency. Nerad shared some timely tips and some new must-have products and services for every driver.


It always starts with tires. A common misconception is that winter tires are only needed or useful when snow is on the road, but the fact is, when temperatures fall, rubber hardens and loses its flexibility to adhere to the road. From cold to snow to slush or ice, the recently launched Hercules® Avalanche® RT winter tire was specifically engineered to confidently handle winter-weather driving. Winter tires are specially designed to remain flexible in colder temperatures, typically at 45 degrees and below, allowing the tire to more effectively adhere to the road. Even in an area that does not see a lot of snow and ice but does see temperatures below 45 degrees for months at a time, winter tires are worth a consideration. Hercules Tires, best known for their strongman logo and "Ride on our Strength" slogan, is one of the tire industry’s premier value brands and recently launched their newest winter tire the Hercules® Avalanche® RT. For more information, visit


Winter can be a tough time for car batteries as chilly temperatures can drain the power quickly, but believe it or not, 53 percent of people wait for the battery to die before they replace it. The perfect place to go to check your battery before it is too late is Batteries Plus Bulbs. They will give FREE battery tests and systems checks, no appointment needed. If you need a battery, the knowledgeable experts at Batteries Plus Bulbs will do a free installation while you wait, which can take as little as 20 minutes. They have premium Duracell Ultra car and truck batteries, best-in-class AGM batteries, plus a variety of light bulbs, wiper blades and more. Plus, some stores offer key-cutting services and can program and put a new battery into key fobs. Battery testing is always free. For more information and to find the closest store, visit


It is important to check all the fluids this time of year to ensure the car is prepared for the elements and to help avoid an unplanned road emergency.  Jiffy Lube recommends replacing vital fluids, such as motor oil and coolant, as recommended by vehicle manufacturer instructions, ahead of any cold weather conditions. Antifreeze is important as it keeps the car’s cooling system from freezing, enabling the warming of the car cabin and defrosting of the windshield, a must-have in cold weather months. Now is the perfect time to visit a nearby Jiffy Lube to get your vehicle ready for winter. To find the nearest location, visit


Source: TipsOnTV

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