Captive Tigers, Wet Markets and Factory Farms: New Podcast Talks to the Experts Helping Animals Around the World

World-leading creatives, activists and conservationists are talking to the Species Unite podcast about how they dedicate their lives and expertise to help animals, thrive on plant-based diets and are changing the narrative around how we treat other species across the planet

Species Unite

Species Unite,” a podcast that offers a glimpse into some of the best minds in animal advocacy, is the much-needed beacon of hope everyone can use during these troubling times.

Each episode sees host Elizabeth Novogratz speak with the people who dedicate their lives and expertise to helping animals. Leading photographers, philosophers, scientists, writers, undercover investigators, lawyers, animal experts, and activists are among those telling stories of their victories and their ongoing battles. 

Whilst the issues they address are often startling and horrific, they importantly offer an inspiring look at how one person can help change the world for animals.

The podcast has just dropped series four - and the lineup shows just how animal issues are more relevant and urgent than ever. One episode looks at what’s really going on for animals in China right now. With the coronavirus pandemic putting the country’s wildlife trade and wet markets under global scrutiny, Species Unite chats with Pei Su, the founder of one of China’s leading animal organizations, ACTAsia, to reveal insights from an Asian perspective - a perspective that’s often overshadowed during discussions on animals in China.

Other episodes instead offer a perfect distraction if listeners want some relief from coronavirus talk. Leading fashion designer Joshua Katcher, who has appeared in Vogue and GQ and counts the likes of Joaquin Phoenix among those who wear his designs, discusses his work in making fashion ethical and free from animal exploitation.

Fascinated (and horrified) by Tiger King? The Species Unite podcast has been talking to the experts about America’s tiger problem, too, and explores the animal issues that the Netflix hit often glosses over. Stories range from leading specialist Tim Harrison, who has spent over 40 years fighting to get exotic animals out of people’s homes and into sanctuaries, to journalist Sharon Guynup, who spent two years investigating America’s captive tigers for a groundbreaking National Geographic exposé.

Find the full list of Species Unite podcasts here - and also listen to the episodes on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play.

Source: Species Unite