Captis Intelligence Partners With Asset Protection Solutions

The Captis I-4 system now operational in over 20,000 major retail locations

​Captis Intelligence, a pioneer and leading provider of I-4 crime solutions (Intelligence, Information, Investigation, Identification) is pleased to announce it has signed Asset Protection Solutions as a partner representative within the retail market.

Asset Protection Solutions specializes in designing shortage reduction programs and processes, as well as safety improvement strategies. CEO and Founder Chad McIntosh is a 40-year industry veteran who has led asset protection teams at Nieman Marcus, Home Depot, Polo Ralph Lauren, Macy’s and most recently, Bloomingdales. McIntosh has established a successful track record in implementing highly successful strategies and new technologies while following a philosophy of process simplicity. “It must be ATM simple, no one taught you how to use an ATM machine,” stated McIntosh. “Retail partners should be able to pick up a new program, understand it, and execute at a high level without intervention”.

With over 20,000 new retail locations in 2018, the Captis I-4 system has become one of the fastest growing asset protection tools in the industry. The platform has identified thousands of criminals and has created an extremely effective and long-lasting deterrent, while the ODSI (On Demand Subject Identification) database recently surpassed 25 million criminal image faceprints. The unique dual-layer identification capability has created an industry-first technology that has significantly elevated the capabilities of today’s asset protection professional. “Captis Intellgience’s use of technology is second to none and ground-breaking” said McIntosh. “The platform harnesses the power of social media and is the first ever crowdsourcing, crime-solving system on an international scale, you only have to talk to some of the retailers to realize how important Captis has become to their organizations” added Mcintosh.

“Captis Intelligence is excited about the partnership with Chad and his company as it adds to our sales efforts in a retail marketplace that continues to rapidly expand” stated Kirk Brown, Vice President of Business Development for Captis. “Chad’s understanding of the issues facing retail Asset Protection/Loss Prevention along with his strong network of industry relationships is invaluable” added Brown.

About Captis Intelligence

Captis Intelligence’s I-4 platform (Intelligence, Information, Investigation, Identification) provides an advanced cloud-based system for public and private sector applications. Captis unifies situational awareness, geographic crime intelligence, social media investigation, subject identification, criminal databases, access to, and secured information exchange portals for neighboring businesses and law enforcement with a “Subject Tracker” capability providing notification alerts when a subject is being investigated by more than one user.  A global innovator, Captis is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in London and Singapore.  Captis was founded on the principle of innovation and remains at the forefront of pioneering I-4 crime prevention/suspect identification technologies.

Source: Captis Intelligence