Captis Intelligence Launches Highly Anticipated I-4 Platform

Captis Intelligence, a worldwide leader in crime prevention/suspect identification solutions announced its launch of the I-4 platform. The I-4 unifies Intelligence, Information, Investigations, and Identification into a central platform with powerful industry-first technology and solutions.

Capping off a three-year development period, the groundbreaking technology was unveiled at a recent retail organized crime event in San Diego and will be showcased at multiple conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia. Interest in the launch of the I-4 grew rapidly over the summer after Captis signed dozens of large clients with its site and situational awareness products in 2017. gained international media exposure after the system produced tips that led to the apprehension of dozens of violent criminals captured on surveillance or still images. With well over one million users, the site can quickly generate an enormous amount of views within specific geographic areas surrounding the location of a crime.

“Businesses have been empowered with; having the ability to upload your surveillance video or suspect picture for identification and/or location information offers a capability of mass-viewing that was only possible with nightly news broadcasts,” said Chuck Archer, former Assistant Director of the FBI and current Chairman of the Captis Law Enforcement Council. “Adding the access to the powerful I-4 platform brings a significantly elevated level of capabilities that were once only available to law enforcement,” added Archer.

The easy to use I-4 interface separates the 4 “I’s” (Intelligence, Information, Investigation, Identification) as distinct sections, each with dropdowns to access its respective solutions. The highlights of the I-4 platform include:

  • Situational Awareness with crime information around a client location(s) updated every 24 hours
  • Alerts based on specific local crime activity and frequency
  • PRISM (Protective Research & Investigation In Social Media)
  • Online and on-site facial recognition with the world’s largest private criminal database
  • Full access to including viewer analytics, comments, visibility on tips and law enforcement investigation status of tips.

“The Captis I-4 platform offers a revolutionary system that enables asset protection professionals and security operations to operate at a significantly higher level,” said Kirk Brown, Vice President of Business Development. “Our system is highly flexible and scalable, allowing a single shop owner or a large worldwide retailer the benefits of the powerful I-4 platform,” added Brown.

As a cloud-based system, the Captis I-4 allows easy accessibility into any security operation. For high-level integration and technology partners, the I-4 is a true open-platform solution with published APIs, allowing integration to existing asset protection technologies and systems. Captis is expected to announce integration agreements with several of the world’s largest Surveillance Video Management Software manufacturers before the year’s end, furthering their reach into several strategic vertical markets.

About Captis Intelligence

Captis Intelligence’s I-4 platform (Intelligence, Information, Investigation, Identification) provides an advanced cloud-based system for public and private sector applications. Captis unifies situational awareness, geographic crime intelligence, social media investigation, facial recognition, criminal databases, access to, and secured information exchange portals for neighboring businesses and law enforcement. A global innovator, Captis is headquartered in Los Angeles and has offices in London and Singapore. Captis was founded on the principle of innovation and remains at the forefront of pioneering I-4 crime prevention/suspect identification technologies.

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Source: Captis Intelligence