CaptionCast's Active Monitoring Alerts Broadcast Errors

CaptionCast is the world's first closed caption inserter that inserts pre-produced closed captions into a linear broadcast feed on-the-fly using digital audio fingerprints. However it also alerts on possible broadcast errors such as signal loss.

CaptionCast Caption Inserter

CaptionCast is the world’s first caption inserter that connects to the captioning cloud and services closed captions to linear broadcast feeds using digital audio fingerprint. It offers the most cost-effective yet error-free and effortless closed caption transmission environment when it comes to pre-produced, non-live programs for TV broadcasting.

One unique feature of CaptionCast is its Active Monitoring feature.

"With CaptionCast, we now simply upload the proxy videos to the cloud and forget about captioning. As long as the captions are on the cloud, we know that they'll be broadcasted for sure."

Yunmi Lee, Broadcast Operations

LBS TV uses 2 channels of CaptionCast inserters for servicing captions to two of their drama channels. Once the low-res proxy videos of the dramas are ready, they upload the proxy to CaptionCast’s proprietary cloud called and create projects online. Their freelance subtitlers then receive emails on the new project, log on from their homes using web browsers and start adding captions online. Once this is done, LBS TV’s internal QC team reviews the captions and registers for broadcast service. This is pretty much the end of their operational effort as they can now rest assured the captions will be accurately cued into the linear feed when they air it out of their video servers.

LBS TV has been extremely happy and amazed at the convenience and accuracy CaptionCast offers. Their MCR staff can totally forget about caption transmission and their post production team didn’t have to burn the captions into the video anymore. Preparation of the captions were available online so they could engage resources from any part of the world without uploading video to separate FTPs and having to use 3rd party captioning S/Ws.

However what amazed LBS TV the most was the Active Monitoring offered as a basic service for any client who operates CaptionCast. Since CaptionCast is connected to the Internet, i-Yuno (the manufacturer of CaptionCast) actively monitors the status of the equipment and advised LBS TV of any alarms that might lead to failures in caption insertion or even broadcast. i-Yuno recently pointed out that there was a signal loss although it turned out as a regular maintenance of the channel. Something you don’t expect from a caption inserter.

Yunmi Lee of LBS TV stated “Before CaptionCast, we had to prepare our captions using offline S/W, burn them in using non-linear editors – and this not only delayed the overall program preparation time but resulted in errors and high internal overheads. With CaptionCast, we now simply upload the proxy videos to the cloud and forget about captioning. As long as the captions are on the cloud, we know that they’ll be broadcasted for sure. Plus we’ve been greatly pleased with the Active Monitoring offered. i-Yuno alarms us in any event that can lead to a broadcast error – even if it has nothing to do with captioning.”

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