Capstone Management's Conference Success

Citing that it was great way to begin 2016, the team from Capstone Management just returned from a leadership conference. Managers reported that associates who attended were eager to share their knowledge.

“What can be more positive than team members who have just learned the latest techniques and who can’t wait to share them?” said Stephanie, Capstone Management’s Director of Operations. “Their excitement is so infectious.”

Stephanie stated that conferences and travel are mainstays of this interactive marketing firm’s repertoire. “At Capstone Management, we embrace the opportunity to send our associates to these type of events,” she said. “There are keynote speakers, workshops, and of course, plenty of chances to network.”

"We put a great deal of emphasis on building strong professional networks,"

Stephanie , Director of Operations

“We put a great deal of emphasis on building strong professional networks,” Stephanie noted. “These conferences are ripe with prospective contacts. There are many industry leaders, as well as colleagues from other regions. Each of these people can be a powerful resource.”

Stressing quality over quantity, Stephanie added that the team places value on forging strong connections. “It’s far more important to come back with one quality contact than to just collect dozens of business cards that will be meaningless in a week,” she cited. “We highlight how important it is to spend more time listening and asking questions to learn about others, rather than talking about ourselves.”

Capstone Management Experts Share Tips on How to Optimize Conference Attendance

In addition to networking, Stephanie offered tips to help maximize the value of conferences. “Prior to attending an event, we advise our team to review the different sessions. Most times, there are plenty of choices in terms of workshops and breakout sessions,” she said. “We ask our associates to select which educational sessions will benefit them personally as well as ones that offer knowledge that can be shared among all team members.”

“If we have many team members attending, we might ask them to split sessions so that we can have people learning multiple skills,” she added. “For example, one might attend a session on a new interactive sales technique, while another might attend a session on how to build better connections with consumers.”

When Capstone Management team members return from the conferences, they conduct training sessions to help share knowledge with other associates. “This is how we truly optimize our participation,” Stephanie said.

“I find each conference an enlightening experience for our team,” Stephanie concluded. “We’re always pleased to have our firm represented at these leadership events. There is no doubt that the knowledge gained contributes to our firm’s success.”

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