Capsentials Launches Brand to Provide Safer Supplement and Medication Use

Capsentials is a pharmaceutical company founded by a pharmacist who aims to educate consumers about safe and efficient supplements and medication use. 

The company offers customers two options for improving health - a nootropic supplement and medication review service.

"As a pharmacist, I am committed to providing my patients with safe, effective, and affordable supplements. Many supplements on the market claim to improve cognitive function, such as memory and concentration. However, these products often contain ingredients with no proven benefits and a range of dangerous side effects. Additionally, many of these supplements may interact with prescription medications, leading to serious health complications for users," said company founder Dang Pham.

Capsentials developed a cognitive supplement, known as "Brain Health," that includes ingredients like Valerian, Kava, and Ginkgo biloba to help tackle underlying causes of cognitive decline such as poor sleep quality, anxiety, and memory impairment.1-6

In addition, Capsentials also offers a medication review service to help clients understand the potential drug interactions and adverse effects that may develop from current medications. 

"Many patients told me they are confused about their medication and sometimes worry that they experienced side effects from it. However, they feel helpless sometimes because they don't know who to talk to. I truly enjoy listening to my patients' questions, providing feedback, and making suggestions based on their needs. That is the reason I created Capsentials - to help you understand your health better."

Both the supplement and medication review services are available on the website

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Source: Capsentials LLC