CapsCanada is Available to Assist Nutritional Supplement and Pharmaceutical Manufacturers That Are Affected by Supply Chain Disruptions

CapsCanada, a leading provider of empty capsules for use in the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs and dietary supplements, announces that it has the production capacity and stock to both continue to meet demand from its existing customers and also help other manufacturers that are affected by supply chain disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

CapsCanada’s warehouses are fully stocked with both K-CAPS (HPMC) and G-CAPS gelatin capsules, and the company has the ability to increase production to assist manufacturers of nutritional supplements or pharmaceuticals whose capsule supplies have been affected by the COVID-19 shutdowns in Asia and elsewhere.

As a company that has always taken capsule safety extremely seriously…

·       ​CapsCanada does not use any raw materials from China. All of the materials used in the manufacture of its gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules are sourced from North and South America. Also, CapsCanada owns the entire supply chain for its gelatin capsules (which are made from high-grade bovine hide), giving the company full control over these capsules’ ingredients.

·        CapsCanada does not manufacture any products in Asia. All of CapsCanada’s capsules are manufactured in its private, state-of-the-art cGMP facilities in North and South America. Furthermore, CapsCanada does not manufacture gelatin and vegetarian capsules in the same buildings; it has separate, dedicated facilities for each.

CapsCanada’s ample inventory and capacity provides reassurance to manufacturers that an uninterrupted supply of safe capsules is and will continue to be available.

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Founded in 1984, CapsCanada is a leading provider of empty capsules for dietary supplements and pharmaceutical drugs. The company caters to the most prestigious pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world. CapsCanada is the original innovator and leading manufacturer of HPMC capsules. For more information, visit

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