Capitol City Expansion, Inc.'s Training Creates New Leaders

Capitol City Expansion, Inc.'s director discussed the value in its training program, which pairs a senior team member with a newer member to encourage new skills and leadership.

​​Capitol City Expansion, Inc. is a company where leaders are built, according to the director, JC S.. They do so through their environment, which stresses constant training. “Our investment in development is revealed by an approach that combines two individuals of different strengths and levels within the company,” he said. “One mentor assists the other member to increase her or his skills with the extra knowledge needed to succeed. We have a sincere interest in every new team member and we try to show it through hands-on training and the support of leadership. We hope everyone will gain the skills and confidence needed to produce high-end results that go beyond trends in the industry.”

People advance through Capitol City Expansion, Inc.’s progressive training if they have the work ethics to do so, JC explained. “In a program such as this, you can customize your timeline,” he said. “You and your partner can agree on a schedule that suits your own pace, and develops your skills and confidence at your own rate. It increases the possibilities for upward movement through the company. In turn, that helps the team invent and grow with the new leaders this mentorship program creates.”

"In a program such as this, you can customize your timeline,"

JC , Director

Capitol City Expansion, Inc.’s Team Focuses on Transforming Leaders with Mentorship Programs

Businesses must expand and change with the times, and according to JC at Capitol City Expansion, Inc., a mentorship program that produces leaders is the way to accomplish this. “We believe that if a business leader does not strive to avoid staying at status quo too long, the company will become less relevant, and will ultimately disappear,” he said. “The up-and-coming are the ones who will lead us forward. If we want them to do well, we have to train them. What better way to stimulate professional development than by learning from those who are already successful?”

This leads to a multitude of opportunities for hardworking individuals. “Business-minded team members will find what we are offering challenging and fulfilling,” said JC. “There is no real limit, because this is meant to be a long-term career. Every position offers an opportunity to move forward into management. Our training allows our team to learn the business through-and-through in a relatively short period.”

Leadership at Capitol City Expansion, Inc. hopes the training will draw in and inspire bright minds in business to become the next great leaders, and move their careers and the company forward.

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