Capitol City Expansion, Inc.'s Growth Hack: Team Building

The Capitol City Expansion, Inc. team is working hard to promote growth within the firm using team building. According to JC S., the company Director, this has included promotions as well as team events.

​Building a successful business in today’s world requires a team of talented people who can work well together. To that end, JC and the Capitol City Expansion, Inc. management team have focused their efforts on fostering the firm’s collaborative culture. This includes everything from workshops to team nights; most recently two associates were promoted to campaign management.

“A strong team requires leaders who can bring everyone together,” JC said. “That is the exact quality we have seen in Kevin and Daniel. That’s why we decided to move them both to campaign management roles. Both of these professionals have repeatedly proven to be dedicated and passionate team players. I am certain that they will truly excel in these leadership positions.”

According to JC, promotions such as this not only help to put the right people in leading roles, they also showcase growth. All the firm’s associates are happy to see their colleagues being recognized and can see measurable progress as everyone moves up the career ladder.

He indicated that traveling together has also proven to be an effective tool for building strong team relationships. The Capitol City Expansion, Inc. team has traveled all across the nation to conferences and road campaigns. They just returned from trips to Eugene, Oregon and Phoenix, Arizona.

Capitol City Expansion, Inc.’s Director Announced Hiring Push

To help fill the ever-growing need for talented people, JC will be adding several new associates to the Capitol City Expansion, Inc. team. In particular, he will be focusing his efforts on recent college graduates.

“Young people are exactly what we need,” he explained. “They are ambitious with a constant flow of innovative new ideas for the business. Additionally, they tend to work better together than their older counterparts, so hiring younger professionals tends to make my job of team building a whole lot smoother.”

He added that recent graduates are very literate in technology. This enables them to quickly pick up the latest tools and techniques in the industry. Their student mentalities match the exact needs of Capitol City Expansion, Inc.

“I am often surprised that more companies don’t focus on young people,” JC continued. “Talented college graduates have an incredible amount to offer and can be built into the perfect team members. We also offer them comprehensive training, so their abilities to adapt and learn are key for us. Repeatedly we have found that college graduates compose the perfect recruitment pool for our firm.”

About Capitol City Expansion, Inc.

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