Capital Online Data Service Co., Ltd. (CDS GLOBAL CLOUD) Announces A-Share Listing

Cloud Computing + IDC Dual-Core Are Driving Steady Growth for CDS

Capital Online Data Service Co., Ltd. (CDS GLOBAL CLOUD) Announces A-Share Listing

It is with great pleasure that we share with you some fantastic news about Capital Online Data Service Co., Ltd (CDS Global Cloud). CDS is now officially a publicly-traded company on the China Growth Enterprise Market. CDS’s official stock code number is 300846 and we began trading today, 1st July 2020. We are so very proud and honored to be a publicly traded stock that we could not wait to share the great news with you.

CDS Is the leading ISP and IDC operator in China with over 18 years of experience in dedicated hosting and infrastructure management solutions, CDS has always focused on Global Interconnected Cloud and Infrastructure Services. As one of the fastest-growing global IaaS providers with data centers all over the world, we offer a local presence with a global reach. We strive to continue delivering added value to your business with stable, safe and efficient services.

CDS was established in 2005. It is characterized by neutral trustworthiness, flexible customization, and global services. It provides customers with cloud and network integration products including IDC, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid-cloud, and Google cloud services. Services, business covers many industries such as games, e-commerce, streaming, education, big data and so on. About 40% of the top 100 domestic Internet companies are using CDS’s signature products and services.

In 2010, the company began a comprehensive transformation of cloud computing, which is also one of the earlier cloud computing companies in China. After the transformation, CDS adopted the “IDC + cloud computing” dual-core driving model. Compared with other cloud computing vendors, CDS’s dual-core drive model has leading advantages in cloud network resource integration, operator relations, customer hybrid architecture deployment needs, and enterprise anti-risk capabilities. In the actual development process, CDS adheres to the path of industrial development.

From 2017 to 2019, CDS’s compound growth rates of operating income and net profit were 23.89% and 28.15%, respectively, in 2019. The company’s net profit margin is 9.30%. In 2014, Capital Online took the lead in overseas operations, and the Dallas Cloud Data Center in the United States was completed; in 2015, Japan, Singapore, Germany, and Los Angeles cloud data centers were completed; in 2016, Hong Kong, New York and other nodes were completed; in 2017, a global ring network was formed service.

As of now, Capital Online has deployed nearly 20 nodes and more than 60 data centers in the United States (Dallas, Los Angeles, New York), Europe (Frankfurt, Amsterdam) and Asia Pacific (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuxi, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, India, etc.) Each node can complete multi-point deployment of global services in 5 minutes. At the same time, CDS and Dell, Intel, VMware, Red Hat and other global partners have created a “global procurement, global delivery, and rapid deployment” overseas delivery system, which can realize customized IT deployment in major regions of the world and help overseas enterprises.

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