Cap Table Nation Introduces First-Ever Impact Investment Funds in Southwest Florida

Establishing Trusted Capital Infrastructure in Communities

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Cap Table Nation, a visionary force driving positive change in private capital investment, is pleased to announce its historic launch in Southwest Florida. Cap Table Nation is the infrastructure catalyst set to etch its mark on local investment history, devoted to fostering growth and community development.

Cap Table Nation was meticulously designed by Gingras Global, one of the world's first impact investment fund administrators, guiding entrepreneurs and investors committed to achieving positive business impact and financial success. Committed to uniting like-minded individuals in an alliance for doing good, the launch of this groundbreaking infrastructure is now taking place in the vibrant community of Southwest Florida.

Creating Real Change

This launch begins a transformative era in private capital investment, inviting positive business change for the communities of Southwest Florida.

Its debut signifies a commitment to investing in the region, sparking positive transformations across Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry, Glades, and Sarasota Counties. Every aspect of Cap Table Nation is thoughtfully designed to leave a lasting impact on diverse industries, ranging from agriculture and water quality to tourism and skilled trade.

At the heart of Cap Table Nation's vision is a clear purpose: to provide investment venture capital infrastructure tools, impeccable reporting, and steadfast administrative support. The aim is to offer investors a dependable, accurate, and seamless experience as they choose to deploy their capital in Southwest Florida. The initiative is designed to inspire new and existing venture capital funds to channel their investments into regional companies and projects. This novel concept promises to flourish under the proven gold standard of Gingras Global's successful model.

“In an area where venture capital has not been formally activated, support tools are needed to make sure the venture capital funds have the best chance for success. Cap Table Nation provides those tools not only for the first two venture capital funds to invest here in Southwest Florida, but for other funds that want to invest here,” - Natalie Hazen, President, Gingras Global.


The advisory tables are integral to Cap Table Nation's infrastructure, consisting of community stakeholders providing crucial economic and impact insights. These individuals will play a pivotal role as ambassadors in their respective communities, ensuring that street-level intelligence is shared as a robust feedback loop. Through these initiatives, Cap Table Nation is actively shaping a dynamic and locally rooted investment environment, fostering the growth and sustainability of businesses throughout Southwest Florida.


Cap Table Nation’s infrastructure will house the first two groundbreaking venture capital funds, marking a significant milestone in the region's economic landscape. The Florida Growth Opportunity Fund, Southwest, is strategically focused on creating and nurturing companies in pre-seed, seed, or early stages of development. Simultaneously, Engage Florida Ventures, Southwest, is geared towards supporting companies at all stages, including mature companies, fostering their growth to a scale that ensures a long-term presence in the region. The capital raise for these two funds will start in late February. 


Cap Table Nation envisions a future where venture capital is fully supported, contributes to economic success, and serves as a driving force for community prosperity. It is focused on supporting formal registered private equity and debt, informal capital pools, and donor-advised funds, all dedicated to local investment initiatives. 

Cap Table Nation's launch and the successful capital raise of the first two funds will mark a significant milestone in reshaping the future of private capital investment in Southwest Florida. Individuals, businesses, and stakeholders are invited to join in fostering a thriving and sustainable community through impactful investments. For more information, visit

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Gingras Global is the impact industry catalyst guiding entrepreneurs and investors committed to achieving both positive business impact and financial success. Built on three strong pillars – hard work, top-tier standards, and real impact, Gingras Global delivers solutions that change the game for those determined to change the world. With gold-standard support and guidance for entrepreneurs and investors, Gingras Global strengthens the power of impact enterprises. For more information, visit 

About Cap Table Nation

Cap Table Nation is an infrastructure catalyst for positive change in private capital investment. Focused on fostering local growth and community development, Cap Table Nation introduces the first private equity and debt funds in Southwest Florida, positively impacting the heart of Cap Table Nation: Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry, Glades, and Sarasota Counties. For more information, watch a brief overview video here or visit

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