CANOPY Management Introduces Leading Listing Optimization Service

CANOPY Management today introduced its successful Listing Optimization service to the public. The service was, until now, available only to CANOPY Partners, for who it quickly improved critical e-commerce sales metrics.

The Listing Optimization Service enhances a product’s Amazon Detail Page and pushes more prospective buyers to that page. “The Detail Page is a product’s showroom,” said Brian Burt, Founder and CEO of CANOPY Management. “It’s what triggers or prevents a person from buying.”

The new system launched after research suggested that 95 percent of Amazon Detail Pages were unoptimized. CANOPY Partners using the Listing Optimization service have experienced sales increases of as much as 235 percent.

Developing this service offering is Stefan Haney, Strategic Director of Marketplace Growth at CANOPY and former Director of Seller Strategy and Consumer Shopping Experience at Amazon. “There is nobody better on the planet to have working as an advisor on your listing than Stefan,” said Burt. “He was responsible for the re-engineering of Amazon’s product detail page.”

Amazon sellers using the service work closely with CANOPY’s Listing Optimization Team, which:

·       Conducts market research for each product to identify critical keywords and improve page rankings. 

·       Designs each page considering internally and externally validated consumer psychology findings to establish product and brand trust.

·       Overhauls product listing images and sales copy to reinforce buying and enhance product trust.

CANOPY’s unique method was developed with CANOPY internal research, as well as Haney’s experience as an Amazon executive. It improves the conversion rate, with a focus on customer critical inputs. “The Amazon Algorithm hinges on one critical metric: Conversion Rate,” said Burt, referring to the ratio of a product’s browsers to buyers. “Ensuring that a product’s listing is highly optimized is the single most profitable move an Amazon seller can make.”

“Make no mistake,” said Haney. “The CANOPY Listing Optimization Team is in the game of winning customer wallets. When we focus on creating a Product Detail Page that has a high Conversion Rate, everything improves. Everything. Your ad dollars become more valuable, rankings on Amazon improve, and, critically, product sales exponentially increase.”

CANOPY Management is a full-service marketing agency that is the force behind many of the most successful brands on Amazon.

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Victoria Scott, Executive Assistant to CEO

Source: CANOPY Management

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