Cannabis Start-Up Little Dragon to Launch Mobile App Built on Artificial Intelligence

Bolstering Brand Loyalty Through Machine Learning and Plant Chemistry

Little Dragon: Ultra Premium Cannabis

With an ever-growing number of cannabis strains available, even the most seasoned cannabis consumer would struggle to decipher them all. With varying aromas, tastes, and effects, consumption experiences can be inconsistent, making strain selection overwhelming.

Enter Little DragonTM, a cannabis start-up that seeks to eliminate the confusion and mystery surrounding strain selection. The Little DragonTM app is more than a retail dispensary - utilizing machine learning and plant chemistry it will provide customers with a personalized and predictable experience from order to consumption. 

"Little DragonTM was created by dabbers, for dabbers. We built this app because we wanted a cannabis company to give us the same personalized shopping experience that we're used to when making purchases on other platforms like Amazon and Shop. Since such an app didn't exist within the cannabis industry, we decided to build it ourselves," said CEO Ross Franklin.

Little DragonTM is one of the first cannabis companies to launch on TruCrowd's equity crowdfunding platform in 2023. Watch their investor video and visit this link to buy company shares during the IPO: Little DragonTM Offering Page.

Little Dragon DabsTM is a proud member of the cannabis industry. As we continue to expand our reach, we remain steadfast in our mission to elevate the industry through our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

Source: Little Dragon Dabs

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Little Dragon Dabs is committed to promoting responsible consumption, supporting cannabis education, and advocating for the continued growth and acceptance of cannabis culture.