Cannabis Product Reviews and Education for Women: M Jane and Co. Online Magazine

Shining a Light on Cannabis Product Reviews and Education for Women: Introducing M Jane & Co. Online Magazine

Traditionally, the media and advertising that surrounds Cannabis culture and products has focused on marketing to the male audience with a drug and party culture. M Jane and Co. Magazine is leaving those perceptions behind and instead focusing on women ages 21-65 who want to engage with Cannabis products and culture on their own terms.

Consider these facts about the growth of the Cannabis Industry and how it relates to women:

Cannabis Product Reviews and Education for Women!

Rhonda Spencer, Editor, M Jane and Co.

·       The ArcView Group, a cannabis industry investment and research firm, in their 2015 State of Legal Marijuana Markets report, concluded that the legal Cannabis Product industry is the fastest-growing industry in America, with a projected revenue growth of 34.8.

·       According to statistics from WomenGrow, Women make more than 80% of healthcare purchasing decisions in the household and they account for 93% OTC pharmaceutical purchases.

And this quote from a post-50-year-old woman regarding Cannabis consumption: “I smoked for years before I had my kids then stopped, said Nancy N., 63, a retired teacher from outside Cleveland. "Now they’re gone and I am free to do what I want again… And smoking pot is one of them” (1)

Also in the news: In a new twist on the in-home Tupperware-style party, women in the San Francisco Bay Area are hosting their own "Pot Parties". As the SF Chronicle reported, women are throwing impromptu parties where sampling of Cannabis edibles, Topical Cannabis products, and Cannabis accessories with education on Cannabis strains are done in the privacy of friend’s homes.

As Cannabis use becomes more mainstream and legalized in more US States, we believe that women will be in the forefront of Cannabis purchasing decisions for health and recreation. M Jane and Co. Magazine is creating a valuable online resource where women can explore Cannabis products and services in an environment that promotes good health and safe Cannabis use.

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(1)     Quote from High Times article--"Pot Use from Baby Boomers is on the Rise"


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Rhonda Spencer
Rhonda Spencer
Editor, M Jane and Co., A Sitetastic, LLC Company