Cannabis Masterminds Launch Tax & Accounting Practice Building Program

MJ Mastermind provides the knowledge, support and resources to help accounting professionals establish and grow their cannabis client base from the ground up.

MJ Mastermind

Steven Berley CPA, MBA alongside Brian Whalen CPA, MST, MSF have launched MJ Mastermind ( - the premier tax & accounting program for CPAs, Enrolled Agents, CFOs, Bookkeepers, Accountants, and Tax Preparers serving or entering the cannabis industry.

MJ Mastermind supports accounting professionals looking to flourish in the supernormal growth cannabis industry. A cohort style platform coaches members forward with actionable steps and real-world examples. The course materials promote comprehension rather than memorization or regurgitation of canned information. Colleagues who join will acquire the knowledge and confidence to create a remote practice that provides them the freedom to work remotely and on their own schedule from anywhere in the world.

The lack of guidance from financial regulators combined with the onerous tax code § 280E causes traditional financial advice to be turned on its head in cannabis. This creates a lucrative niche for a practitioner who can navigate the inevitable challenges unique to cannabis entrepreneurs.  

"We are practice builders, not instructors..." says Berley. "...we understand the industry and want to help you get those high dollar clients, not just blow smoke on a webinar."

American writer and entrepreneur Mark Twain said - "During the gold rush, it's a good time to be in the pick and shovel business." The green rush is no different - every participant will need accounting and tax professionals with expertise in the nuances and challenges of operating a federally illegal business. While state-legal cannabis sales are projected to reach $22 billion by 2022, many are racing to open dispensaries, production facilities and related operations. MJ Mastermind focuses on the extreme value found in an ancillary, non-plant-touching "pick and shovel business." 

Designed to assist accounting professionals in securing high dollar clients and to serve them properly, MJ Mastermind is positioned to be a leader in cannabis practice building. 

The program's many offerings include:

  • Teach you how to contact and pitch services to cannabis CEOs
  • Sales call coaching
  • Zoom sessions focused on the growth of your practice and knowledge
  • Updates on the state of the industry and its ever-changing regulations
  • Community support to strengthen your technical skills as you serve clients


About MJ Mastermind:

After building their practice from $0 to $1MM+ in revenue in just under 24 months and releasing two books featured on Amazon, Steven Berley, CPA, and Brian Whalen, CPA aim to ensure that others excel and avoid setbacks, learning from the obstacles they had to overcome. The MJ Mastermind program empowers accounting professionals to secure clients, build a profitable remote practice and find success in the infancy of the fastest growing industry.

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