Cannabis Leaders Present 'Arcview April' During National Cannabis Awareness Month to Inspire Further Industry Advancement

The Arcview Group and Partners to Host Events Highlighting Cannabis Industry Priorities: Investing, Federal Legalization, Social Equity, and Sustainability

Arcview April

For the inaugural year, cannabis thought leaders at The Arcview Group are giving industry investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, the canna-curious and extended community an all-access pass to a series of data-driven discussions during the month of April - National Cannabis Awareness Month. With cannabis hype at an all-time high, the Arcview team will take a deep dive into hot industry topics that include everything from new trends to federal legalization and social equity to sustainability.

"We have teamed up with Arcview's partners for a rolling, 30 days of omnichannel announcements, activities, resources, events, and special offers. This month-long celebration, delivers daily, self-paced access to hand-selected information to support your journey and success in the business of cannabis and hemp," says Kim Kovacs, CEO of The Arcview Group. "As an appreciation for this industry and its growing community, Arcview April gives singular, centralized access to interact and engage across our entire ecosystem, sharing insider tips, research and insights. We hope you take full advantage of it!"

The Arcview Group, Women's Inclusion Network, their Strategic Alliances, and other Partners, which include AlphaRoot, Duane Morris, Proclinical Executive, Zuber Lawler, Greentank, and Papa & Barkley, will be providing special promotions throughout the month of April.

Highlights of Arcview April are listed below. Visit for additional opportunities, full programming details, and event registrations.

Investing/Companies Week (April 5-9, 2021)

  • April 5 | 5:00pm ET | "5 Stupid Things that Investors and Entrepreneurs Do Over & Over Again" Mentorship Workshop with Jeanne Sullivan
  • April 7 | 4:30pm ET | "Investing in Cannabis" Clubhouse with Jennifer Piro, Jeanne Sullivan, and Jeff Finkle
  • April 7 | 5:00pm ET | Instagram Live with Arcview Alliance - Duane Morris
  • April 7 | 6:00pm ET | Pitch Fest with PitchForce
  • April 8 | 6:00pm ET | Pitch Fest with PitchForce

Federal Legalization Week (April 12-16, 2021)

  • April 13 | 2:00pm ET | "High Yielding Opportunities in One of America's Fastest Growing Industries" Webinar with Brian MacDonald and Rob Sechrist
  • April 14 | 4:30pm ET | "Federal Legalization for Cannabis" Clubhouse with Jennifer Piro, Jeanne Sullivan, and Jeff Finkle
  • April 14 | 7:00pm ET | Instagram Live with Arcview Alliance - Proclinical Executive

Social Equity Week (April 19-23, 2021)

  • April 19 | 5:00pm ET | "Putting People First - The New Solution for Distribution" Mentorship Workshop with Women's Inclusion Network
  • April 20 | 7:00pm ET | "4/20 Weed Celebration" Virtual Event with Steve DeAngelo, Troy Dayton, 4/20 Founders - The Waldos
  • April 21 | 4:30pm ET | "Social Equity in Cannabis" Clubhouse with Jennifer Piro, Jeanne Sullivan, and Jeff Finkle
  • April 21 | Time TBA | Instagram Live with Arcview Alliance - AlphaRoot
  • April 22 | 12:30pm ET | Open House with Arcview's Women's Inclusion Network

Sustainability Week (April 26-30, 2021)

  • April 28 | 4:30pm ET | "Sustainability in Cannabis" Clubhouse with Jennifer Piro, Jeanne Sullivan, and Jeff Finkle
  • April 28 | 7:30pm ET | Instagram Live with Arcview Alliance - Zuber Lawler
  • April 29 | 4:00pm ET | Arcview Access Webinar

"Current cannabis conversations are just grazing the surface. It's time for everyone, connected to cannabis or not, to educate themselves and help the industry take a big, progressive step in the right direction," comments David Abernathy, Principle of Arcview Consulting. "Hemp and sustainability are things we should be talking about in every industry, not just ours."

Join the cannabis conversation and hear additional insights from industry experts on The Arcview Group's social media channels throughout the month. Directly interact by using the hashtag #ArcviewApril and follow Arcview on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

About The Arcview Group:

The Arcview Group is a vertically integrated investment firm servicing the cannabis and hemp industry, built with social justice and responsibility at its core. Arcview has been a trusted global leader for over ten years and nexus for investors, companies, entrepreneurs, money-managers, and community, providing a broad spectrum of programs and services to the industry. The Arcview Group's ecosystem of companies includes Arcview Capital, Arcview Consulting & Research, Arcview Ventures, and Collective Fund. Connect with us: WebsiteLinkedInInstagram

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