​​​​​​​Cannabis Brand Muha Meds Licensed and Now Available Throughout Michigan

Top-Shelf West Coast Brand Known for Superior Concentrates and High-Quality Manufacturing Technique Retailing at Licensed Dispensaries Throughout the State; Brand Now Focused on Growing Multi-State Operations with Plans for Additional Licenses in Key National Markets

Muha Meds Carts

Muha Meds, a manufacturer of top-shelf cannabis and CBD concentrates with California origins, is now a licensed manufacturer in Michigan and its line of high-quality cannabis concentrates are available at licensed dispensaries throughout the state. The company's manufacturing operations are licensed and located in Pinconning, and retailing at locations throughout Michigan, with a host of participating retailers now carrying the brand on Weedmaps, the definitive licensed cannabis facility and product locator app.

According to Andrew Magori, Product Manager at retail dispensary Joyology's Wayne, Mich., location, "We had heard of the brand, and it is very popular. After meeting their team and seeing the hype, values, and lifestyle behind the brand, we endorsed it immediately and added their product to our mix. Their product is moving like water, people love it!"

Muha Meds has entered Michigan's retail markets with its popular 1000MG Distillate Cartridges and, according to Weedmaps, Muha's availability is verified at numerous retailers throughout the state. Concentrate flavors available in Michigan stores include: Lime OG, Watermelon, Diablo OG, Cherry Berry, Purple Punch, Blue Raz, Orange Pineapple, Do Si Do, Train Wreck, Strawberry Cough, Eclipse, Rainbow Sherbert, Iced Oatmeal, and Desert Coolers.

Known as a West Coast brand with California cannabis culture origins, Muha Meds selected Michigan for the location of its first licensed manufacturing operation due to its welcoming retail climate and business-friendly tax policies. While the brand plans to open licensed operations in additional states in the near future, Michigan's excise tax is only 10% in comparison to California's 15% tax, and Michigan only subjects cannabis purchases to a statewide 6% sales tax, making the move a prudent decision for the launch of licensed operations. Michigan's statewide taxes alone make much more economic sense to run a cannabis business. Add to this fact that it's been only two years since Michigan legalized the selling of recreational cannabis, and you also have a less competitive market where experienced brands like Muha Meds can enter successfully and thrive.

Source: Muha Meds

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