Cangrade Reveals Top Skills Job Applicants Need to Get Hired in New Report

New Data From Cangrade Uncovers The Most Commonly Assessed Hard Skills

As 2024 gets underway, Cangrade, a leading AI-based predictor of job candidate success and retention, has published new data showing which hard skills candidates needed most in 2023 to get hired. 

Acquiring and maintaining commonly required skills ensures marketability as a job candidate and the ability to get hired. To uncover which hard skills job applicants are most likely to need to secure a new job in the upcoming year, Cangrade analyzed their proprietary data of the most frequently assigned hard skills assessments by companies across all industries in 2023. 

Cangrade’s analysis found that 50% of the top hard skills assessed in 2023 centered on written and verbal communication. While the remaining 50% involved the use of technology. 20% of the most assessed hard skills focused solely on the ability to use a computer and software.

The top 3 results from Cangrade’s research on the most commonly assessed hard skills of 2023 are: 

  1. Technology Proficiency
  2. Typing 
  3. English Language Proficiency

“Knowing the skills that top employers value most gives candidates a roadmap to success in a competitive job market,” shares Jen Rifkin, Chief Customer Officer at Cangrade. “Information is power, especially as a job seeker. We're proud to empower candidates with this data so they can exceed expectations during the hiring process and acquire the knowledge they need to thrive and excel in their careers.”

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