Cangrade Announces Patent for Removing Bias in AI Hiring

Cangrade's revolutionary technology ensures equitable hiring and talent management

Cangrade, a bias-free hiring and talent management solution, was recently granted patent 11429859 for their revolutionary process for mitigating and removing bias from artificial intelligence (AI). With Cangrade, organizations can confidently remove bias from their talent screening decisions and accurately predict candidate success and retention with their unique AI-powered Pre-Hire Assessment.

Many organizations are skeptical of using AI in their talent management as AI algorithms are often biased, despite their accuracy. If biased data is used to build AI, AI replicates those biases. Even when not employing AI, many talent leaders are unsure if their hiring technology is genuinely bias-free.

To combat bias in talent management, Cangrade's technology references a separate Adverse Impact testing set to check for disparity and identify the statistical elements of an algorithm that lead to bias. Cangrade's AI processes then iteratively run and remove those elements until it identifies an accurate and bias-free algorithm. Cangrade is thus uniquely able to predict candidate success without bias against any gender, ethnicity, age, or other protected category.

Cangrade's patent for removing bias from AI is broad, enabling the company to implement this process outside of human resources and talent selection.

"We are thrilled to announce the patent for our bias-removal technology. Its implications for our customers, Cangrade as a company, and the entire industry are enormous. For the first time in human capital management history, we have a publicly disclosed, fully verifiable, and effective method of removing algorithmic biases from the hiring process. Which have always been notoriously plagued by implicit and explicit biases of all kinds," shared Gershon Goren, Co-founder and CEO of Cangrade. "We look forward to partnering with other talent management solutions in adopting this technique. Wide adoption of a verifiable anti-biasing technique like ours will benefit the entire industry and society as a whole."

Leveraging Cangrade, organizations can build diverse and inclusive teams by implementing bias-free solutions to hire talent based on skills, not credentials. Cangrade predicts talent success and retention up to 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods with a quick, easy assessment that delivers HR teams talent data they can't access elsewhere. Their talent management data includes candidate fit scores, retention predictions, and insights into talents' strengths, development opportunities, and work motivations.

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