Candidate Against Newsom Defends Self in Court, Dangerous Ruling for Influencers

Meet Kevin Paffrath lost his bid on Wednesday to have his identity / nickname "Meet Kevin" included on the ballot. The Secretary of State's rules prohibit trademarks on the ballot citing Elections Code 20716, which prohibits trademarks on "ballot designations" (which are the professions), but mentions nothing of ballot names. Meet Kevin Paffrath argued that Meet Kevin is a personal identity and there is no law against brands in ballot names.

Paffrath then argued that a ruling against him and his online nickname is a ruling against a whole new generation of influencers and significantly restricts their ability to run in the future.

"If you rule in favor of the secretary of state, I believe you're ruling against a society of influencers and new up-and-coming potential people who could serve their country,"

The honorable Judge Cheng ruled against him, but complimented his presentation in virtual court.

"I don't know if you have any legal training," she said, "but for being at least a non-attorney, you did an excellent job."

Paffrath will not appeal the result but is deeply disappointed by it. Hundreds of thousands of voters in Calfornia know Kevin Paffrath exclusively as "Meet Kevin". It is an identity Kevin Paffrath says that he has spent almost a decade building, but will have to work tirelessly to evolve in just 53 days.

Meet Kevin Paffrath worries about the potential impact this ruling will have on other social media influencers who in the future seek to enter politics, but are known by monikers like Mr. Beast or PewDiePie.

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