Candid Color Systems is Helping OU Sooner Fans Connect to the Game

This football season, Candid Color Systems is helping Sooner fans connect to the game while social distancing at home.

​​It's fair to say we want our traditional football game day experience. We want tailgating parties in the parking lot and we want to cheer on our favorite team in the stands. With the pandemic crisscrossing throughout the country those traditions are not a reality this year. So Candid Color Systems partnered with The University of Oklahoma Athletic Department to offer fans an opportunity to support the Sooners in Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium even if they can't be there in person to show their school spirit.

The Major League Baseball playoffs kicked off the trend of offering fans a chance to be a part of the game by including printed portraits of themselves in empty seats. Now the trend has made its way into football stadiums this fall. It is an exciting way for fans to tune into the game at home but still feel a part of the day; if only in a cardboard cutout.

When OU decided to do something similar for their fans they contacted Candid Color Systems.

We have a long history of partnership with OU. During the Spring 2020 Graduation season we were able to swiftly implement a Virtual Ceremony, complete with Personal Achievement Graphics that honored the graduate by name and included optional information about their degree, major, a quote, and photo. We were well prepared to offer the same swift implementation of getting fan cutouts in the stands.

We offer unique software and workflows that allowed fans to upload their images from their phones and submit them through our admin site. The fans were able to review their final images before placing their order. A team of dedicated designers then cut out each image and placed it on a template form. The final product included a cutout portrait with an Oklahoma Crimson background fading into the interlocking OU logo.

The final display made quite an impression in the stands on game day. Fans have been loving catching glimpses of their cutouts during the televised broadcasts of the game. The fan cutouts will continue to sit in open seating throughout the football season.

Proceeds from the fan cutouts were given to the Sooner Relief Fund, which directly impacts the OU student-athlete experience.  

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Source: Candid Color Systems