"Cancer with Joy" Published By Morgan James Publishing Of NYC

1,500,000+ Diagnosed with Cancer Annually in the United States Can Discover How to Transform the Fear of Dying from Cancer into Happiness

Morgan James Publishing of NYC announces the release of "Cancer with Joy: How to Transform Fear into Happiness and Find the Bright Side Effects." This unique new idea of actually facing "Cancer with Joy" offers incredible hope and help to 1,500,000+ newly diagnosed cancer patients and their support teams (caregivers, etc.).

Joy Huber, Stage Four Young Adult Cancer Survivor, said, "After my personal experience seeing so many others in hospitals, cancer treatment centers, and surgery centers facing cancer without joy, I was really motivated to write 'Cancer with Joy.' No one facing cancer wants to stay stuck only feeling the paralyzing fear of dying, shock, disbelief, sadness, and anger that are natural when diagnosed. This essential resource gets people unstuck."

"The huge problem is when you're facing cancer, you're definitely not feeling joy. I often explain this by saying, 'Look, I know first-hand no one's happy they have cancer, BUT you CAN have cancer & still be happy.' People are really drawn to that idea: 'How can I have cancer & still be happy?'"

This book is all about how people experience cancer from diagnosis through treatment - with Joy, literally, benefitting from Joy's personal experience, who shares highly valuable "Dos & Don'ts at Diagnosis," including "Do consider fertility if you are in the age range you could conceive children and you think you may want them one day." No one mentioned fertility preservation to Joy (age 33 at diagnosis), and she wants others to learn from her experience. Contact Joy to get a fertility resource she knows of as just 1 of 25+ pages of valuable resources.

Other Dos & Dont's include (Contact Joy to get a valuable resource that goes with each Do/Don't):

DO get a second opinion -
DON'T go to the internet - If you CAN'T stay offline, beware of Google!
DO decide how you will keep "the masses" informed -
DON'T try to handle everything alone -
DO talk to someone who has "been there." -

Contact Joy to get a valuable resource for any Moms-to-be with Mother's Day approaching pregnant with cancer.

Joy offers hope, what the newly diagnosed need most, sharing stories of how she & others she faced "Cancer with Joy," including having an online Facebook Fashion Show to face hair loss modeling wigs of different colors, lengths, and styles when she went from shoulder-length hair to bald in six weeks. Contact Joy to get the link to/pictures of her Facebook Fashion Show!

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