Cancer Survivor Nominated for Highest Honor in Livestreaming by the 9th Annual Shorty Awards

Leslie Nance

Leslie Nance, founder of teaches people how to live an anticancer lifestyle via their kitchens, “I teach people to make their bodies inhospitable to cancer with health insurance you can eat.“  She knows a thing or two about this subject because she is a 4 year breast cancer survivor.  She took measures into her own hands by becoming the CEO of her health and her cancer. “Cancer helped me focus the lens of my life and gave me a platform to stand on if given the chance I would choose my cancer journey every time!”

As the passion grew for being the CEO of her cancer others began to take notice.  They asked how they could also take steps to make their bodies inhospitable to cancer.  Enter, an online community where people of all ages gather to talk about empowerment in their personal health.  Taking back what years of bad eating, stress, and disease have robbed from their lives.  This community primarily gathers in one place every weekday at 2 pm ET for the Live Interactive Cooking Show “Lunch with Leslie”, hosted on the livestreaming app  Thousands come for every show to hang out, talk, learn and have fun.  Leslie teaches them cooking skills, nutritional values of the food they eat, she cracks jokes, sings (but not well), educates and truly motivates and inspires others with actionable steps to become the CEO of their own health.

My goal is to have my (breast cancer) lump help millions of people learn to live a life that their bodies love and cancer hates, this nomination from the Shorty Awards puts us one step closer to that goal.

Leslie Nance, Founder

This authentic live cooking show is an institution in the livestreaming world.  “This show is so real that you get to watch me burn pancakes and set off my smoke detectors every once in awhile!” Leslie joked in a recent interview.  It is one of the first ever cooking shows in the livestream space with 1000’s of fans and growing every day.

In honor of all that has done for what Leslie calls “Live Motion Broadcasting”, they have been nominated for a Shorty Award.  The category is “Tech and Innovation” and the award nomination is for Periscoper of the Year”. 

“My goal is to have my (breast cancer) lump help millions of people learn to live a life that their bodies love and cancer hates, this puts us one step closer to that goal.  The nomination does not say, Leslie Nance, it says go2kitchens!  The go2kitchens community is so amazing and they deserve this nomination!” 

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