Cancer Partners of Nebraska to Elevate Patient Engagement With the 'Unified Digital Patient Experience' Platform by Willowglade Technologies

Willowglade Technologies

Cancer Partners of Nebraska, a leading healthcare provider specializing in comprehensive cancer care, is proud to announce the implementation of the industry-leading "Unified Digital Patient Experience" platform developed by Willowglade Technologies. This innovative initiative is designed to reinforce Cancer Partners of Nebraska's commitment to delivering the highest quality care to their patients.

The "Unified Digital Patient Experience" platform represents a significant leap forward in patient-centered care and will allow patients to view appointment itineraries, complete Smart eForms and Patient Reported Outcomes (ePROs), and communicate with healthcare providers all in one place. This industry-leading platform integrates a suite of advanced tools, enabling patients to actively participate in their treatment journey.

Becky Shedeed, Director of Clinical Services at Cancer Partners of Nebraska, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership: "We are thrilled to integrate the 'Unified Digital Patient Experience' platform into our practice. This aligns perfectly with our patient-centric approach, enabling us to provide more personalized and efficient care. By leveraging Willowglade Technologies' leading platform, we are confident that our patients will experience enhanced engagement and improved outcomes."

Willowglade Technologies CEO, John Papandrea, commented, "We are honored to collaborate with Cancer Partners of Nebraska on this important project. Our platform's focus on patient involvement aligns seamlessly with their mission, and together, we are setting new standards for patient engagement in Oncology Practices. We believe that empowering patients with access to their health information and facilitating open communication will lead to better patient experiences and ultimately improved health outcomes."

Cancer Partners of Nebraska and Willowglade Technologies anticipate the "Unified Digital Patient Experience" platform to be fully operational later this year. This initiative project underscores their shared dedication to advancing patient care through technology and innovation.

About Cancer Partners of Nebraska:

Cancer Partners of Nebraska provides comprehensive cancer care in Lincoln and 12 greater Nebraska communities. We offer multiple cancer service lines under one roof, bringing together medical oncology, radiation oncology, and gynecologic oncology, along with several other cancer support services. For more information, visit

About Willowglade Technologies:

Willowglade Technologies offers a comprehensive platform that consolidates various aspects of the patient journey into a single, user-friendly solution - including Itinerary Reminders, messaging, Smart E-Forms, ePROs, Telephone Triage, telehealth capabilities and more. By providing a seamless experience, the platform aims to empower patients to take an active role in their healthcare. Willowglade's commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach positions them as a leader in their field.

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Source: Willowglade Technologies

About Willowglade Technologies

Willowglade Technologies offers a comprehensive platform that consolidates various aspects of the patient journey into a single, user-friendly solution. Willowglade's commitment to innovation positions them as a leader in their field.


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