Canadian Company, Mask Defender, Launches Portable Mask Cleaning Spray That Also Combats 'Maskne'

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Mask Defender, based in Guelph, Ontario, has launched an antiviral, antibacterial portable face mask spray that provides anywhere mask cleaning, which helps to combat an all-too-common side effect associated with wearing face masks: 'maskne,' or mask-caused acne. 

The combination of heat, moisture, sweat, oils, and dirt that are trapped under face masks create the perfect environment for the growth and transmission of bacteria and viruses. This can lead to many of the side effects people are experiencing from wearing face masks, including 'maskne', sore throats, mask odour, bad breath, and more. It is recommended to wash a reusable face mask after every single use, or at least once per day, to keep a face mask clean and functioning properly. Mask Defender provides an on-the-go option that can be used anywhere, any time. Spraying Mask Defender on a mask eliminates viruses, bacteria, and fungus/mould in seconds, preventing many of the side effects that stem from a dirty face mask. The spray comes in a reusable glass bottle perfect for pockets and purses, and it is also available in a plastic bottle with a carabiner for clipping on knapsacks and gym bags.

The team of Mask Defender researchers has put in over a decade of work on the formulation, in areas such as biochemistry, microbiology, human health and safety, and regulation. "Perfecting the product formulation has been an exercise in patience, but well worth it," says Richard V. Hughes, Professional Engineer and co-founder of Mask Defender. "We've been working on this formulation for other commercial applications, but when  face masks suddenly became a part of everyday life, we shifted our focus and have been working to provide a portable face mask cleaning product that anyone can use, anywhere and anytime."

Before launching, the Mask Defender team of interdisciplinary researchers worked together to meet the long list of requirements they had set for themselves: the product had to be safe enough to be used by children, environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, portable, fast-drying, and most importantly, it needed to effectively combat all forms of viruses and bacteria. After 15 years of perfecting the formula and ensuring all items on the list were checked off, the company has proudly launched Mask Defender as an ideal piece for all Canadians in their personal protection routine.

Mask Defender is available for online purchase at and can be shipped anywhere in Canada.

Mask Defender is a Guelph-based company that produces safe and effective antiviral and antibacterial consumer products. The Mask Defender product was born out of 15 years of work, study and collaboration in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, human health and safety, and regulation. The Mask Defender product formulation is proven effective against all forms of viruses, bacteria, fungus/mould, and acne.

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